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Security Council:

  1. Discussing the consequences of the Iraqi-Kurdistan independence referendum.
  2. Dealing with the Venezuelan Security Crisis

Development Committee

  1. Supporting the development of sustainable tourism
  2. Assessing the risks posed by artificial intelligence

Disarmament Committee:

  1. Dealing with uncontrolled nuclear weaponry
  2. Mitigating security risks and threats caused by former ISIS members returning

Environmental Committee:

  1. Preserving sustainable energy sources and urban ecosystems
  2. Dealing with unregulated deforestation

Economic Committee:

  1. Reaching Goal 8 of United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals
  2. Regulating crypto-currencies

Social and Humanitarian Committee:

  1. Protection of privacy in the digital age
  2. Protection of women's rights regarding abortion

Health Committee:

  1. Dealing with the health consequences caused by the use of radioactive substances in war
  2. Discussing health risks caused by the technological development